About us

We asked ourselves the question what would the ideal dessert look like? With the absolutely best ingredients ever. Theobroma is us trying to answer that question.


 We've always believed that healthy eating should be inspiring and that what we put into our bodies is the foundation for living a healthy life. 

Sweet is one of the core tastes that we need to satisfy in order to feel content and at peace. But most sweets and desserts are made with ingredients that harm the body and are detrimental to our overall health. 

We pride ourselves in making sweets, desserts and chocolate that is not only the tastiest but also the most nourishing for the body. We use only first class ingredients including organic cacao, organic cacao butter and organic coconut sugar. We don't use any gluten, non-vegan products or refined sugars/flours. Everything is 100% authentic and guilt free.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our valletta outlet is not currently operating. Any orders can be picked up from Sanya Eco Spa in Naxxar