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Theobroma is the quest to find the ideal dessert. We wanted to see what the ideal desserts would look like with the absolute best ingredients, without holding back. We are going beyond your everyday recipes to find the ones that truly inspire us, the ones that stimulate your mind even before your first bite.

These desserts are a manifestation of our deepest creativity and are our canvas for creating art through food.

We are consciously choosing to use ingredients that are unrivalled in their nutrient density and healing properties. Super foods like Maca, Lucuma, and Goji berries.

And of course….Cacao. Not many people know that cacao, in its raw form, is one of the top ten foods you can eat. More vitamin C than oranges and more anti-oxidants than green tea.

But as soon as you cook it, it looses most of its exceptional qualities

The cacao we are using is raw and organic and we don't heat it above 41 degrees. It is the heartbeat of our mission to make desserts as healthy and inspiring as possible

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