Nut butters .. We're addicted!

Every kitchen cupboard must have at least one kind of nut butter right? We think so, and can’t let a day pass without eating a spoonful of the stuff.  One of the most common comfort foods amongst the Theobroma team is our handmade almond butter on toast, topped with banana slices; what a treat!

The reason we feel our nut butters are a cut above the rest is because of their liberation from all those illegible added ingredients that commercial products notoriously contain. Many of these ingredients are preservatives and very far from being good for you, which tarnishes the name of a perfectly healthy treat. Theobroma’s butters are handmade by roasting the nuts, adding a touch of pink Himalayan salt, and then turning it into butter. That’s it! Forget sunflower or palm oil, emulsifiers and preservatives.  None of that stuff.

We encourage you to try making your own at home.  Simply roast the nut until it reaches a golden colour, chuck it in your food processor, and process until you have a smooth, creamy, buttery texture! This can be a little time consuming, so be patient and give the process the time it needs. As for those weeks where you do not have the time to make it yourself – come by the shop on Old Theatre Street and get a jar of a homemade butter from us :)

Vegan nut butter at Theobroma a raw cacao collective

We love adding it to any simple cereal or granola bowl.  Or for a healthier, lighter snack, try slicing up some apple (or any other fruit) and just add some nut butter on the side. Enjoy!

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