Why raw? Why Cacao?

 Keeping food raw is all about preserving nutrient content.

At Theobroma we are in love with superfoods. What defines something as a superfood is that it has a high nutrient density. Superfoods have a larger number of vitamins and minerals than your average food.

This is great news, especially due to our modern lifestyles which put our bodies under considerable strain. Superfoods support our body's ability to cope with stress, they boost our immune system and give us the energy to focus on our tasks and projects.

Cacao is one of the world's top ten superfoods. It also happens to be the tastiest, which is why it is at the heart of Theobroma. 

The way we prepare superfoods is also key, to ensure that we make the best use of these often expensive ingredients. When food is cooked over 41 degrees Celsius, the chemical structure is altered making it difficult for our bodies to recognize and absorb the nutrients and often destroying them completely. By keeping superfoods, and any food for that matter, raw...we ensure that our body receives these essential vitamins and minerals in the most efficient form.

With the combination of pure unadulterated cacao and other raw superfoods such as coconut oil, our desserts are not only tasty but also nourishing. Win win!

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